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Customize Gift Box

Customizable wooden box. Option for laser engraved logo or personal messages. 
Interior filled with our sustainable lifestyle products!

The Leaf Story

“Born on the road…”


The idea behind leaf was born on the long roads of Iceland inside a small Ford Transit Connect. Up until this point, we have traveled the world, across all inhabited continents, in search of the amazing natural wonders that Mother Nature has to offer. We have seen many wonderful and remarkable natural landscapes on our journeys, and we also want our future generations to see and experience them.


Our Mission / Vision / Value

The  Leaf  Mission

Our mission is to make sustainable lifestyle accessible for everyone. 


Become Leaf's Partner

If you are interested in becoming a leaf partner, please get in touch for more information. As a green partner you can benefit from free social media promotions, free rental of product displays, and most importantly, you become a part of the green movement for a more environmentally friendly world. Leaf supports your business to make your sustainable efforts recognizable for the consumers

Why Should We Care?

Marine Plastic Problem

Endangered Health

Thailand as a Contributor

Leaf Greener me .jpg

World-wide, 15,000 pieces of plastic are dumped into the ocean everyday!

Leaf Greener me.jpg

Plastic breaks down in the oceans and becomes micro-plastics that might enter our food chain.

Leaf Greenner me

Thailand as a main contributor to marine plastic pollution!

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