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“Born on the road…”

The idea behind leaf was born on the long roads of Iceland inside a small Ford Transit Connect. Up until this point, we have traveled the world, across all inhabited continents, in search of the amazing natural wonders that Mother Nature has to offer. We have seen many wonderful and remarkable natural landscapes on our journeys, and we also want our future generations to see and experience them.

   We have always been conscious of our ecological footprints and have always looked for sustainable alternatives for our everyday-use products. It became clear on our travels that searching for sustainable everyday-use alternatives is not always an easy task. We have first-handedly experienced the plastic problems during our travels in Asia and South America. It was not easy to avoid plastic products in many destinations, but we have tried our best to avoid them.

On our road trip to explore the natural wonders of Iceland, armed with very basic toothbrushes made out of bamboo, the idea came to our mind… What if we start a brand in Thailand, offering high quality, good looking, sustainable everyday-use products, such as toothbrushes, straws, and other basic necessities that people needs everyday? It is relatively difficult to find these plastic alternatives in Thailand and we want to change that. What if we can make these sustainable alternatives become accessible for everyone? That was when the idea for “leaf” was born and our journey continues…

In 2019, after a few years of extended research and meeting with different manufacturers, we founded the leaf brand. We want to provide you with high quality, trendy and sustainable products that are fair-priced and you can use everyday instead of the plastic counterparts.

Our story begins on the road, and in a way, it will continue on the road… the road to a more sustainable lifestyle.

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