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leaf together with Soap Me presents sustainable, all natural, and cruelty-free handmade soap bars. The soaps come in different scents, each with their own distinct names that represent 4 places in Thailand; Chiang Mai, Hua Hin Beach, Isaan Aroma, and Phuket Midnight. Their aesthetic design and unique aroma perfectly captures the essence of each location that will make you reminisce about memories you didn’t know you have.

The main ingredients of the soaps includes;

• Coconut oil: Moisturises skin
• Olive oil: antioxidant and anti-aging
• Castor oil: Moisturise and exfoliate skin
• Shea butter: source of fatty acid and antioxidant - moisturise skin
• Rice bran oil: contains vitamin E - nourish skin
• Sunflower oil: soften and smoothen soap textures
• Natural colour: chemical-free colour to splash some fun into the soap
• Lye: help mixes all the ingredients

“Hua Hin Beach” is inspired by the neverending waves of the blue ocean crawling onto the soft delicate white sand of Hua Hin Beach. The olive oil and shea butter leaves your skin soft and radiant. The Thanaka brighten the skin and whisk away the daily pollution. Special Ingredients: Musk Frag, Thanaka

No SLS, Paraben-free, Chemical-free, Cruelty Free and Sustainable

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