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   On the 28th of October 2019, one of our founders, Neua Panchareon, visited our bamboo toothbrush factory in Yangzhou, China. The goals of this trip were to establish closer connections with our supplier, to understand the process of bamboo toothbrush productions and to develop new products with our supplier.

    Sherry Zhang, the founder of Henan Daily Green, our main supplier, gave Neua a very warm welcome upon his arrival at the Nanjing International Airport. Leaf’s connection with Henan Daily Green started back in 2018 when we were doing research on potential suppliers for our operations. We were impressed with the flexibilities of Henan Daily Green in their willingness to accomodate our products designs and our specifications. We like the fact that they too were a small company that is being run by a passionate individual, who also believes in sustainable lifestyle. After a lot of conversations we knew that we wanted to work with Henan Daily Green to develop our products and the partnership was formed.

After a good night sleep, work started on the 29th of October 2019. The morning session was all about observing the production processes of our bamboo toothbrushes. It was a fascinating process to see raw bamboos turning into toothbrushes to say the least. All the bamboos we are using for our toothbrushes and all our other bamboo products are sustainably farmed by local farmers, we are not stealing panda’s foods or destroying their habitats. You can be sure that you are using sustainable bamboos, as well as helping out local economy when using our bamboo products.

The raw bamboos were first cut into manageable size and they went through a sanding and smoothing processes. The processed bamboos then go though a shaping machine, which transformed them into the ergonomic handles of our leaf bamboo toothbrushes. After that, the handles go through the laser engraving process and the bristles installation. Our toothbrush bristles are made from sustainable DuPont nylon infused with bamboo charcoal, which is anti-bacterial, prevents plaques and keep your teeth and gum healthy. The toothbrushes go through vigorous quality control before they leave the factory and upon arrival at our office in Chiang Mai.

The afternoon of the 29th was spent discussing new products that we have planned. We are always looking for new innovative products for our customers and these products will soon be released, so stay tuned.

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