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“What´s toxic for the planet is just as toxic for human health. Why risk exposing our bodies to the thousands of chemicals found in plastic packaging when we have reusable options that do not pollute our health or the environment? When it comes to the safety of our families and our planet, reuse wins every time.”

Why Should We Care?

Marine Plastic Problem

Endangered Health

Thailand as a Contributor

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World-wide, 15,000 pieces of plastic are dumped into the ocean everyday.

The impact  is devastating. Marine animals, such as turtles, fish, whales, and sea birds, become entangled in plastic debris or die because they mistake plastic as food.

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Plastic breaks down in the oceans and becomes micro-plastics which are able to enter our food chain and could have impacts on both, human and animal health.

When humans consume these animals, they also consume plastic, which can contribute to cancer and infertility. Researchers found out that micro-plastic particles are present in many common foods as well as human stool samples.

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Thailand ranks in the top 10 contributors to marine plastic pollution as plastic is used for literally everything:

  • Thailand generates 1.03 million tonnes of plastic waste annually

  • 3% of this annual waste is dumped into oceans

  • The average Thai citizen uses 8 plastic bags per day

  • In Bangkok, 600,000 plastic bags are used per day

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