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Leaf Banana Lip Balm 1

​This lip balm is made with organic banana peel and cold pressed organic coconut oil. It also contains shea butter, which helps reduce cracks on the lips. Combines the powerful antioxidant property of vitamins E to help keep lips soft, moist, and free from irritation. It helps people with sensitive skin and also nourishes the lips to return to being plump.

This product is a collaboration between Leaf and the Apuds, with the idea of creating natural products by using vegetables and organic fruits, which take care of skin and health problems. We believe in creating sustainable community and support local green businesses.

The main ingredients of the lip balm includes:

  • Organic banana peel; contain vitamins E

  • Natural bee wax without paraffin

  • Cold pressed coconut oil; moisturizes skin

  • Shea Butter; source of fatty acid and antioxidant - moisturize skin

  • Has a strap; can be used as a keychain

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